Fridrich (CFOP) Method

Case 4: Corner on Bottom, Edge on Top

The first one and it's mirror are just the normal step 3 cases in my beginner solution so you already know them (if you learned from there). Did you notice how they are paired up and inserted before learning F2L?

Case Moves Mirror Moves
To connected pair:
U R U' R'
  • [U R U' R'] [d' L' U L]
To connected pair:
U' F' U F
  • [d' L' U L] [d R U' R']
To connected pair:
F' U F
  • [y' R' U R] [U' R' U R]
To connected pair:
R U' R'
  • [R U' R'] [U R U' R']
To separated pair:
R U R'
  • [R U R'] [U' R U R']
To separated pair:
F' U' F
  • [y' R' U' R] [U R' U' R]

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