About Me

Hi! My name is Alan Chang. I'm 18 years old. To clarify, I am 18 years old as I am typing this right now. I might not be 18 anymore when you are reading this. For the rest of this page, anything I say in present tense might not apply to me anymore when you read it.

I'm currently a freshman in college. (Remember: This is true while I am writing this now, but it might not be true when you're reading it. In fact, you'll know that this isn't true if it is July 2011 or some time later.) And I made this website back in middle school! It surprises me that I've had this website for so long!

I solved the Rubik's cube for the first time in mid-September of 2004. I've been cubing ever since. I entered my first World Cube Association-sponsored competition in December of 2004. (Wow! That was a long time ago!) You can see my competition records on the other page. A few years ago, I would probably be in the top 10 in the world with my current times. But people have improved too quickly, and now I'm way behind. It seems like I'm always behind the world record.

I made this website originally to teach my brother. The very first version of this website was on a piece of paper. Encouraged by the success of teaching my brother, I put up my guide online, initially on freewebs.com. That was in November of 2004. My website has been moved to various places, including to Yahoo GeoCities a few times. It's a good thing I got out of there, or my website would have disappeared one day into nowhere! Interestingly, my Freewebs page is still up!. In the middle of editing this About Me page, I decided to go see if I could log into my account, and I could! So I made very minimal changes to what was there, and now you can see what the very first version of this website looked like! This is so exciting haha! Sorry I'm being a little distracted and nostalgic right now.

I have uploaded onto Youtube a video of me solving the Rubik's cube. This one is from a Stanford competition in 2008. I have an older YouTube account here. No cube videos there though! And no updates there either, because I forgot my password...