Intuitive Last Layer



You need to swap two corners at a time.

  1. Swap two corners.
  2. Position next two corners.
  3. Swap two corners.

This implies something very important. Since you are making two swaps, you will at the end, move either 3 or 4 corners. Thus, you need to turn the U face so that exactly 1 or 0 corner is correctly positioned. This is different from the PLLC in my algorithm-based beginner solution, in which you want 2 corners correctly positioned!

Substep 1: Swap two corners

Here is how this works. Put the corners you want to swap in the UFR and UBL positions. Of course, if they are not diagonally across from each other to begin with, that is impossible. But that doesn't matter. You need to move those pieces to the bottom layer from the UFR and UBL positions.

R' L' D2 R L

Substep 3: Swap two corners

Same as substep 1. Notice that the inverse of the sequence is itself!

R' L' D2 R L


Suppose you have:

Substep 1. Swap the UFR and UBL corners using sequence:

R' L' D2 R L

Now kind of confusing. Substeps 2 and 3 are combined together. (On the arrow below, the moves in the bracket belong to substep 2.) You want to swap UBL and UBR now. So:

L' [U] R' D2 R [U'] L