Fridrich (CFOP) Method

Case 1: Basic Cases

These 4 F2L cases (actually 2 cases and their "mirrors") are the foundation of this step. Notice how easy both pieces can be put in their designated spots at the same time. The two on top are called the "separated pairs" since the two pieces are not connected, and the two on the bottom are called the "connceted pairs." In most of the other cases (actually, all of the cases that do not use algorithms), the corner and edge are moved around to make one of these cases. Then they are inserted.

Case Moves Mirror Moves
To insert into slot:
R U R'
  • R U R'
To insert into slot:
F' U' F
  • y' R' U' R
To insert into slot:
U R U' R'
  • U R U' R'
To insert into slot:
U' F' U F
  • d' L' U L

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