Fridrich (CFOP) Method

Case 6: Corner on Bottom, Edge in Middle

There are no short and intuitive ways for the last two cases and their mirrors. You have to memorize the algorithms for them. I try to avoid them by moving them out of the slot while solving another F2L pair. (See advanced section for more about that). You could also try to take them out using something like R U R' and end up with a Case 2 or Case 3 case, but that takes longer.

Case Moves Mirror Moves
Already solved! N/A -
To connected pair:
R U' R' U F' U2 F
  • [R U' R' d R' U2 R] [U2' R' U R]
N/A -
Special Case
  • R U2 R U R' U R U2 R2
Special Case
  • R2' U2 R' U' R U' R' U2 R'
Special Case
  • R U' R' F' L' U2 L F
Special Case
  • R U' R U y' L U' L' B2

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